Support Cindy

April 24, 2020

Hi guys, Cindy here. How are you doing? :)

I don't know how long have you been following me, but I'm pretty sure you heard me say "OMG IM SO BUSY" a lot, and I mean "a-lot" alot.

Well, having a secret identity on top of a day job ain't easy - and going to conventions aren't exactly free either.

..I miss heated floors

Of course I would love to be consistent and be able to meet & connect with you guys more often,

So I wanna let you know a couple of ways to support me and what I do:

  1. Ko-fi : Click here to buy me a bubble tea. ( I like it with regular ice, 50% sugar & extra boba )
  2. SnackFever : Click here to get Korean snacks delivered - promo code: REALCINDYMOON