Moved into a new place

February 13, 2020

One thing I love about NYC is the stress of moving! It’s so competitive - so you have to actually bring some game talking to a broker or a leasing office, to be taken seriously.

& when you think you found THE PLACE, 20 minutes later, you get a call saying “whoops - someone just took it.”

but I literally just got out if it...

Ughhh. I don’t have to tell you any more about the apartment search process - anyway it was all worth it! Found a place, signed a lease, I love my new place. It’s a bit pricey but hey that’s NYC. We livin like canned sardines here.

My next goal would be to find a nice old grandma who lives in a rent stabilized building, and just moving into her closet undetected. Wait, that’s probably illegal. I’m kidding of course. Anyway. What’s up with you?