Creators of Silk

February 13, 2020

You might know Silk as an ‘Asian-American Spidergirl’ or a ‘Korean Superhero’ but there’s so much more to Silk than her ethnicity/heritage - Silk’s story unfolds with a parallel format of her therapy - but I won’t spoil it for anybody who hasn’t picked up the series yet. With this great opportunity and exposures I’ve been granted with, I’d love to give all the credit to the creators of Silk such as Robbie Thompson, Tana Ford, Stacey Lee and many more - people who built the story of Cindy Moon. 

Creators of Silk: (Let me know if I'm missing someone)

Robbie Thomson

Stacey Lee

Tana Ford

Ian Herring

Dave Johnson

Nick Lowe

Yasmin Putri

Helen Chen

Irene Strychalski

Edward Devin Lewis